Don’t let the title of this blog make you think that-“oh I didn’t know all these before undergoing my kidney transplantation.”Of course, your medical professionals took great care of your health and this blog might help with your aftercare regime. While on the other hand, if you are undergoing kidney transplantation surgery for the first time, this blog is a heads up for you.

Here are a few things to consider before undergoing your transplant surgery-

  • You need to consult the best nephrologist

It goes without saying, consulting the best nephrologist in Agartala is your top-most priority when you are taking the plunge to go under a kidney transplantation surgery.

  • Getting a Donor Kidney- A New Ray of Hope

If your concerned nephrologist thinks that transplanting a kidney is the best option for you then your health care provider has to find out a donor kidney first.

There are three different ways to arrange a healthy donor kidney –

  • The first option is arranging a “living donor”.  It might be a close friend, family member, or acquaintance who can be your genie out of a magic lamp
  • While on the other hand, it could be a stranger who is willing to donate one of his/ her kidneys
  • Last but not the least, you could get a kidney from a deceased kidney donor

No matter what process you choose, the best nephrology doctor in Agartala will recommend you to test your blood and tissue so that they match with that of the donors.

If you have a living donor, scheduling the date of your transplant surgery won’t be an issue. While getting a kidney from a deceased donor may take much longer.

  • Don’t be a silent sufferer! Even after the surgery is done

Most of the patients have records of suffering from several health problems after going under the transplant surgery. But they tend to keep quiet as they think the problems would go away on their own.  For instance, many patients suffer from diarrhoea, foot pain, and so on. Who could have thought that feet have anything to do with kidneys, right? But it does!

Whenever you face any side effects after your transplantation surgery, consult the concerned surgeon.

Wrapping it Up – You are not alone!

An eminent nephrologist in Agartala says almost every transplant patient goes through some of the common after-effects once the transplantation surgery is done. Getting a kidney transplantation procedure done is truly a blessing!  Therefore, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your renal health.