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Almost 20% of population worldwide is affected by chronic kidney disease and millions die every year because can’t these treatments. Dr. Anupam Majumdar and his expert team take pride in providing complete nephrology solution.

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People with damaged or failed kidneys often have difficulty eliminating unwanted or/and wastewater from blood. Dialysis is artificial way of carrying out this procedure.



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Nephrology revolves around their kidney diseases and failure. After checking patient’s current condition and the completes medical history, suitable solutions and treatment plans are provided.

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Dr. Anupam Majumdar


Currently he it practicing as nephrologist in ILS Hospital, Agartala, Tripura.

Dr. Anupam Majumdar is eminent nephrologist in Kolkata was attached, with in AMRI hospital mukundapur as consultant nephrologist for 1 year. The expert has been associated with of reputed health care bodies and hospitals. His extensive and rich experience in nephrology has gained the popularity. Currently he it practicing as nephrologist in ILS Hospital, Agartala, Tripura.

After pursuing his MBBS from Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital in Bihar, Dr. Anupam Majumdar enrolled it Nilratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital for post-graduation in Medicines. After post-graduation, Dr. Majumdar join DNB Superspeciality it nephrology dept. in Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences.




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Chronic Kidney Disease

It is characterized by a progressive loss in kidney function over the years. Early chronic kidney disease comes up with symptoms and it doesn’t usually fade away. The earlier you detect it, the better are the chances of receiving effective treatment.

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It is a treatment to filter water and waste from an individual’s blood which is done by the kidneys when they were healthy. It uses a special type of filter and external machine to remove excess waste products.

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Kidney Transplant

Renal transplantation or kidney transplantation refers to physically transplanting kidneys to help a patient who is having end-stage kidney disease. A successful transplant process allows the patients to live the kind of life they were living before getting affected.

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Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis is a kind of treatment that is used to remove excess fluid, toxins from your blood, and correct electrolyte problems. During this procedure, a cleansing fluid is circulated through a medical tube inside the part of the patient’s abdominal cavity.

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What Made Him An Expert?

Currently, Dr. Anupam Majumdar is serving as a full-time transplant physician and consultant nephrologist at the AMRI hospital, Mukundapur. His reputation and vast experience in the field have helped him to secure the position of a top kidney transplant doctor in Kolkata.


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Patient Testimonials

Despite his vast knowledge and sublime mastery over medicine, I find it awe inspiring that Dr. Majumdar manages to retain his easy self and composure, with no sign of pomposity. Clearly the greatest, brightest and friendliest Doctor I’ve met.

Niladri Roy

Excellent doctor, hears the patients words and give them right advice, whenever I call him, he hear about my kidney transplant problem and give me the right advice, I thank him from the heart……..⚘

Dipali Biswas

Nice service by medithics and doctor anupam. By gods grace my mother is fine now. Thanks.

Akash Biswas

Sometimes People say dr. r good or bad when they don’t get proper survice from them.but they r never try to give bad treatment to patients. Dr. Anupam is cool calm with patients n give gd treatment and also gd human beings.

Bikram Majumder

Very neat, courteous & most of all a brilliant young man.

Anupa Malakar

I have been suffering from kidney problems for the last few months and one of my relatives suggested the name of Dr. Anupam Majumdar. I recently have undergone a successful kidney transplantation surgery and I am feeling quite good these days.

Suchita Roy

Before seeking help from Dr. Anupam Majumdar, I was under another nephrologist who couldn’t provide effective help. After conducting a biopsy, Dr. Majumdar detected that I am a kidney transplant patient. My transplant surgery was done on October 2019. My kidney has been functioning well since then.

Mitali Nath
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