Life is uncertain and nothing happens as per our plans. Especially when it comes to a disease like kidney failure, you are never ready to hear the bitter truth. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss about acute pyelonephritis – a sudden and severe kidney infection.

This condition causes human kidneys to swell and if left untreated, it may damage your kidneys permanently. Therefore, seeking medical help on time is the only way to prevent this life-threatening disease.  If persistent or repeated attacks take place, it is called chronic pyelonephritis. This chronic condition is rare but it happens more often in people who have urinary obstructions.

What are the common symptoms? 

According to the best nephro doctor in Agartala, Most usually, symptoms appear within two days of infection. Common symptoms are-

  • Pain in the back, abdomen or groin.
  •   A fever greater than 38.9°C
  •  Burning or painful urination
  •  Cloudy urine
  •  Blood or pus in the urine
  •  Frequent or urgent urination
  •  Fishy-smelling urine

However, there are some other symptoms as well- 

  • Chills or shaking
  •  Vomiting
  • Nausea
  •  Ill feeling or general aching
  •  Moist skin
  • Fatigue
  •  Mental confusion

Symptoms might vary from one person to another. For instance, people with chronic pyelpnephritis might experience only mild symptoms or may even lack noticeable warning signs altogether.

What are the causes? 

Usually, infection starts in the lower urinary tract and it is medically called UTI (urinary tract infection). In such cases, bacteria enter one’s body through the urethra and start multiplying and eventually spread up to the bladder. From there bacteria travel through the uterus to the kidneys.

What are the common risk factors? 

“Any problem which interrupts the normal urine flow causes a greater risk of acute pyelonephritis”- says the best nephrologist in Kolkata. For instance, a urinary tract which is an unusual shape or size, is more likely to lead you develop acute pyelonephritis.

Also, women’s urethras are much shorter than men’s. That is why; it is quite easier for the bacteria to enter their bodies. Therefore, it makes women prone to kidney diseases and puts them at a higher risk of acute pylonephritis.

Other people who are at most risks, are- 

  • Anyone having chronic kidney stones
  •  Anyone having  a poor bladder condition
  •  Older adults
  •  People with suppressed immune systems like a AIDS/HIV or cancer
  • Those who have vesicoureteral reflux disease
  • People with an enlarged prostate

Preventing pyelonephritis –

Pyelonephritis is quite a serious condition. Contact the best nephrologist doctor near you as soon as you suspect that you have an UTI or pyelonephritis. If you live somewhere near Tripura, contact the best nephrologist in Agartala in order to get an effective treatment plan.