Did you know that at least one in ten persons develop kidney stones over the course of his/her lifetime? As per the survey records, kidney stone rates are quite on the rise across the country.

Hence the best nephrologist in Agartala is here to make you aware of the major myths on kidney stones and to help your kidneys to stay stone-free.

Your sweat can be a risk (sometimes)

  • A warm sauna bath after a long hectic day at work.
  • Starting your day with some heavy weight lifting sessions
  • A run on the beach every morning and your journey from fat to fit

Don’t these ideas sound great? But if you are not careful enough, each of the habits might lead you to have kidney stones. Wondering how? You are losing water through heavy sweating and the more you sweat the less you urine.

Drink plenty of water – it’s your only fix to avoid kidney stones without compromising your fitness goal or sauna baths.

The risk is not only in the oxalate 

Have you been dumping the oxalate-rich foods throughout these years? Of course, you have heard that cutting oxalate-rich foods reduces the chances of forming kidney stones. While this might be true, not consuming even a bit of oxalate won’t be good for your overall health. It is quite important to eat and drink oxalate and calcium-rich products. the best nephrologist doctor in Agartala says that oxalate and calcium are more likely to bind to each other in your stomach and intestine. Fortunately, this process happens before your kidney starts processing, and hence getting kidney stones formed is less likely to be an option.


  • Calcium is not your enemy

But still, it seems to have developed a bad reputation. Popular nephrologists have to deal with patients who believe calcium to be the main –culprit in forming calcium-oxalate stones. Did you know a diet low in calcium actually increases your risk of developing kidney stones?

Don’t reduce your calcium intake. Work to cut back on the sodium and pair up calcium-rich foods with oxalates.

  • Limit your animal protein 

Consuming too much animal protein like poultry, eggs, red meat, and seafood might hike up your level of uric acid. Eventually, it leads you to develop kidney stones. If your nephrologist has diagnosed you to be prone to stones, limit your daily meat intake, and indulge in some vegetables and fruits also.

  • Avoid stone-forming foods

Chocolate, beets, spinach, caffeine, rhubarb, and most nuts need to be limited when you are prone to develop kidney stones. You don’t need to totally cut off eating these (unless your situation is very tricky), just limit the intakes and balance it out with other healthy foods and beverages.

In order to understand your kidney-friendly diet in a better way, consult the best kidney doctor in Agartala, and follow a specific diet chart as recommended.