Do you know what the leading causes of kidney problems are? Usually, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes are a few of the most common reasons. However, all these can be prevented in the first place. If not treated as soon as possible, these diseases might start impacting your kidneys gradually. Obesity is one of the main reasons which lead to renal failure.

Control Diabetes And High Blood Pressure 

If you are suffering from hypertension or diabetes, you need to control them with the support of medications, lifestyle changes, and diet. Visiting your primary care physician regularly is a must. But whenever you feel the need for expert help, never skip the need of consulting a top kidney doctor. Usually, there are lots of good options for physicians in cities like Kolkata.

Follow An Active Lifestyle: 

Any of the top nephrologists in Kolkata would suggest keeping your body weight at check. Doing yoga, regular exercises will often help you to decrease your body weight. As per the survey record, regular exercises help to reduce the risk of diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

 Do Not Consume Any Drugs Or Pain Killers Without A Prescription:

There are lots of medicines such as antibiotics, pain killers and other kinds of drugs that can be harsh on your kidneys. You should avoid consuming these drugs to avoid kidney problems. You should always consult a doctor before consuming any no-prescription medicine.

 Quit Smoking, Eat Healthy: 

Often food habits play a major role in increasing kidney disease risks. Also, it leads to other life-threatening diseases. According to some recent surveys, smoking has now been found to have a direct impact on the kidneys.

Seeing a nephrologist in Kolkata is a personal decision and it completely depends on the extent of your kidney’s condition. A well-skilled and experienced nephrologist is there to guide you through the journey of protecting your kidneys.