Did you know that March is the national kidney month? This is the month to raise special awareness about your Kidney Diseases and health. There are lots of blogs and articles which preach on the habits to keep your kidneys healthy. But have you ever wondered about the bad habits that increase your risks of kidney damages?

Why is it Important To Keep Kidney Diseases At Bay

In short, your kidneys work 24/7 to keep your body healthy by filtering out extra fluid and toxins like urea, creatinine, potassium, phosphate, etc. In addition, it also helps to regulate your blood pressure and hemoglobin level and maintain proper bone health. Keep in mind, that damage to this vital organ might be irreversible. Check out the simple lifestyle habits that can damage your kidneys keep yourself in regular follow up with a nephrologist.


Too Much Protein Consumption: 


Admittedly, protein is a must-have when it comes to a healthy diet. But if your kidneys don’t work normally, you need to check what’s wrong. Check with the best kidney doctor in Agartala. You may need to eat smaller portions of different types of protein such as fish, eggs, nuts, beans, etc.


Smoking And Kidney Diseases: 

It is rightly said that ‘smoking kills’ as it damages your kidneys first. Not only smoking mess up with type 2diabetes and blood pressure, but it also interferes with the medicines which are used to treat them. In addition, smoking nicotine also slows down the blood flow to the kidneys and thus it causes kidney problems to the people who already have some issues with the kidney.


Often a kidney stone doctor suggests avoiding consumption of too much salt as it can raise your blood pressure which will speed up your kidney damage. It will also lead you to have kidney stones along with side effects like severe pain, nausea and trouble peeing.


Drinking Alcohol: 

It goes without saying that chronic drinkers have more chances of damaged kidneys than an occasional one. But if you one of them who believe in a single binge session, you are at risk too.

Generally speaking, more than five to six alcoholic drinks in less than two hours can lead to acute kidney injury. It can also lead you to have severe kidney damage which might call for dialysis.

However, in addition to alcohol, drinking a great number of soft drinks (cola-based) also leads to the potential risk of kidney diseases.

In short, your kidneys need water to work properly. If you are not drinking sufficient water, it becomes the major reason for kidney damage as said by the top nephrologists in Agartala.